Dates: 3 - 14 July 2023

Duration: 2 weeks. 40 hours.

Schedule: 20 sessions/week, from Monday to Friday preferably in the morning.

Description of the course

The course is aimed at graduates or students in their final year who wish to focus their training and professional career towards teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

The aim of the seminars is to provide future teachers of Spanish as a foreign language with key techniques and useful tools for application in the classroom. The goal is to establish the basis for up-to-date, well-grounded, creative and efficient teaching.


- Analysis and creation of teaching materials

- Techniques for the practice of communicative skills

- Cultural resources in the classroom

- The socio-cultural component in the classroom

- Grammarand analysis of errors

- Practice session


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 Bloque I -Lengua, enseñanza y aprendizaje en el aula de ELE
  • Clases dinámicas y dinámicas de clase: análisis de recursos y propuestas didácticas.  (4 horas)
  • Actualización lingüística en español (4 horas)
  • Gramática y comunicación (6 horas)
  • Análisis y corrección de errores (2 horas)
  • Escritura creativa en el aula de ELE (2 horas)
Bloque II - Cultura e intercultura en el aula de ELE
  • La enseñanza del componente sociocultural: contenidos, recursos y técnicas para la integración de actividades comunicativas
  • Hábitos y costumbres (4 horas).   
  • Gastronomía y tapas (4 horas)
  • Cultura del vino (2 horas)                                                                                        
  • Ciudades españolas Patrimonio de la Humanidad (2 horas)
  • Cine en español (4 horas),
  • Fiestas y tradiciones del mundo hispano (4 horas)
Bloque III- Prácticas en el aula (2 horas)


Price: 490

This price includes:

  • Lessons
  • One full-day trip
  • Cultural visits to museums
  • Student card
  • Wi-Fi service on the campus facilities
  • Certificate of attendance


Assessment and certificates: Students will be awarded a certificate of attendance when the course finishes. In order to obtain the certificate issued by the University of Valladolid or for recognition of credits, students are required to attend at least 85% of the lessons (34 hours).

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Quick look

Start dates

03 Jul 2023

Other optional dates


Duration and price

2 weeks - 490.0 €

Hours per week



C1 (Advanced High)