Student card

The Language Centre issues its students with a student card which allows them use of university facilities.

You can ask for it at the administration office located on the ground floor of the Language Centre. You need to provide a passport size photograph together with your passport.

 Internet Access

All students enrolled have free WI FI available to them in the campus buildings. The password is issued each month at the administration office. It is also posted in the classroom notice boards.

Meeting Room

Our students also have a meeting room equipped with computers and Internet access, printer and sitting area.

In this room students can work, read or just sit around to converse with colleagues or to relax.


The university has a range of sports facilities available. Many activities are organized from October to June.  To use these facilities, you will need the sports card which is issued by the University of Valladolid Sports Service located at calle Ruiz Hernández, 16.

The city of Valladolid has a number of public spaces offering sports areas and facilities. For further information, you can visit the webpage of the Valladolid Municipal Sports Foundation


 The University of Valladolid has a number of libraries, together with a central library as well as one in each of the faculties. You can check up on the collections housed at the various libraries Virtual Catalogue UVA Library.

There are many other public libraries. The main collections are housed at the Castilla y León Public Library in Valladolid and at the network of municipal libraries.

Canteens and restaurants

The campus has several university canteens and restaurants where you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at very affordable prices.

The various faculty cafeterias also offer very reasonable-priced menus and are open much of the day.

The University Ombudsman

The University Ombudsman is the person designated by the university senate to defend and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the members of the university community. The Ombudsman’s functions include ensuring the rights of the university community, dealing with any grievances or mediating between its members.

For further information, please, check out the University of Valladolid website (Spanish): Defensor de la Comunidad Universitaria – UVa

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