Any time is a good time to visit the city of Valladolid although there are several outstanding events taking place throughout the year. The main ones include the Holy Week and the  Valladolid International Film Festival, the SEMINCI.

Holy Week is one of the city’s best known events and has been officially declared of international tourist interest. Its processions display altarpieces by renowned sculptors such as Gregorio Fernández, Juan de Juni or Alonso Berruguete.

Dates vary between March and April depending on the first full moon in spring.

The fiestas of Our Lady of San Lorenzo start the first Friday in September with the parade of the various associations (peñas) and the mayor’s opening speech. During the day there is a fair where you can enjoy snacks on the streets. The night-time brings music and concerts in several parts of the city. The celebrations and performances go on for a week.

The Valladolid International Film Festival (SEMINCI) starts at the end of October. Its long history has made it one of the most well-established film festivals in Europe. Its home is in the Calderón Theater, and it seeks to promote an understanding of the world of cinema.

October also sees the “Golden Tapa” Competition. Many bars take part in an effort to win the award, and the tapas can be eaten at the various bars around the city.

The International Festival of Theatre and Street Arts is held at the end of May. There are open air performances in the city’s main streets and squares, and a wide variety of theatrical styles can be enjoyed.

January sees another of the city’s main events, the motorbike meeting known as “Pingüinos”. The city is jam-packed with motorbikes and there are performances and exhibitions in the streets.

To see dates and further information about these events, visit the Tourist Information Office

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