The Spanish courses for foreigners at the University of Valladolid have been taught continuously for more than 65 years. Nowadays, Spanish lessons take place at the University Language Center, located on the Miguel campus, in a safe an easily accessible area providing an ideal setting for learning and practicing Spanish.

The Language Center was opened in 1996 and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in language learning: white digital boards and audiovisual equipment in its 22 classes. The Center also has a meeting room for students and a library with free-access computers and free Wi-Fi.

The Spanish courses are organized following the various reference levels set out in the Cervantes Institute syllabus: A1-A2, B1-B2 and C1. The Language Centre is currently an official examining centre for the diplomas in Spanish as a foreign language (D.E.L.E.) and the CCSE and CIELE tests.

Our programs combine language teaching with complementary activities and trips, which help students to become immersed in the language and culture of Spain.

International students are in constant close contact with Spanish students who come to the Language Center to study other languages. One of our main priorities is to foster language interaction.

Students enrolled are issued with a student card which provides them with access to libraries and other University of Valladolid services.

The Language Center is managed by the Fundación General, FUNGE.

The University of Valladolid awards ECTS credits for its courses in Spanish as a foreign language, and our credits are officially recognized by many universities worldwide.

Why choose our Center?

Studying Spanish at our Language Centre in Valladolid is the right choice.

  • You will be in the heart of Spain in the centre of Castile, thus ensuring immersion in a truly Spanish atmosphere
  • You will study at a prestigious university renowned for its quality
  • We are an Accredited Center by the Instituto Cervantes
  • We have a long history of teaching Spanish language and culture
  • You will have facilities equipped with the latest means
  • We can offer a range of courses throughout the year which are varied, flexible, and which adapt to your needs
  • You will be given personal attention in an uncrowded atmosphere which favors direct communication
  • A team of enthusiastic and highly qualified teachers are at your disposal

Duration of the classes

All of the classes last 60 minutes. Our normal teaching schedule is from 9:30 to 14:00, except for some specific classes and for the Spanish for Erasmus courses (between 14:30 and 16:30, so as to allow students to fit lessons in with their studies at the University of Valladolid).

Occasionally, specific courses, such as those focusing on preparation for the DELE examinations, may be held at times other than those stated above, depending on the organisational needs of the Language Centre.

Students and their origin

Each month an average of some 100 students study Spanish at the Language Centre. They are split into various groups adapted to each student’s specific level.

Our students come from such wide-ranging places as The United States, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan, to name but a few.

Guarantee of quality

At the end of each course, all students are given the opportunity to fill out a voluntary satisfaction survey in which they voice their opinion on the Spanish courses they have taken as well as their accommodation during their stay in Valladolid.

The results show that over 95% of our students are extremely satisfied with their experience and with the services and facilities provided.

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