Valladolid offers a wide range of activities and performances to suit all tastes.


The city of Valladolid has a varied offer of important museums located in magnificent buildings of great artistic value: San Gregorio National Museum of Sculpture is one of the most important museums in Spain thanks to the quality of its collection and the beauty of the 15th century building, the Patio Herreriano Museum of Contemporary Art, the Science Museum, the Columbus House Museum, José Zorrilla Museum, Cervantes Hose Museum, the Oriental Museum or the Bullfighting Museum, among others.

You can access information on each museum at the interactive map of the tourist office.


Cinema forms a key part of Valladolid city life and a wide range of cinemas both in the city centre as well as in the shopping malls offer films to suit all tastes. See what´s on in El Gusanillo.

The internationally famous Valladolid International Film Festival (SEMINCI) is held at the end of October. The University of Valladolid also programs interesting summer courses on the cinema.


Valladolid has a number of major theatres such as the Calderón or the Zorrilla as well as an excellent cultural centre called the Miguel Delibes Centre, in addition to which there are other smaller theatres such as the LAVA and the Cervantes theatre. Together, they offer a wide range of theatre, opera, and dance, catering to a variety of tastes. The quality and diversity of the events ranges from the more modest productions to large scale professional performances.

Late May sees the International Street Theatre and Arts Festival with open-air performances in the city’s main streets and squares.


If you are looking for music, Valladolid can offer every type imaginable. There is a programme of concerts catering to a wide variety of musical genres and styles, ranging from top professionals performing at well-established festivals and music seasons to up-and-coming young performers.

Here are just some of the guides that can help you find your favorite show: Valladolid Cultural Agenda Valladolid, Al loro, Guía de Ocio de Valladolid.

Sports events

Valladolid has excellent sports teams such as Valladolid Club de FootballValladolid Basketball ClubValladolid Handball Club as well as both local rugby teams, VRAC and El Salvador.

Many other sports are available, so you are bound to find something thrilling. You can visit Valladolid Sport or the webpage of the Municipal Sports Foundation to find the sport you want.


If you would rather spend your time shopping, you’re sure to have a great time. A wide range of top quality shops are close at hand in Valladolid. The location of city centre shops very near to the historical and more traditional part of Valladolid means you can combine shopping with a cultural visit as wells as enjoying some very tasty tapas.

There are also a number of large shopping centers such as Vallsur or RIO Shopping, as well as the Corte Inglés department store.

Tapas y cuisine

Another of the city’s main attractions is undoubtedly its tapas. The old part of the city is very pleasant to take a stroll around. Its spacious pedestrian areas are brimming with bars and taverns where you can enjoy a wide variety of tapas and assorted dishes. To check out some of the many possibilities, visit Vallatapas or the tapas area.

If you are looking to try out something new, try tasting the roast meats cooked in authentic wood-fired ovens, particularly the traditional roast lamb. Other famous products include the white bread, also known as “lechuguino”, sheep-milk cheeses, and the cold cured sausage meats.

If you fancy a dessert, don’t forget to try out the local confectionery with such traditional delicacies as the biscuits and nut pastries, or the sponge cakes made in the convents.

Night live

Late evening snacking as well as the pubs and bars bring life to a young city which is vibrant thanks to its university students.

There are many areas to go shopping (zonas para salir de copas): the area around the Cathedral, el Pasaje Gutiérrez, as well as the areas around San Miguel Square and Coca Square. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

Wine tourism

Valladolid is one of the country’s main wine tourism destinations. Its three appellations – (denominaciones de origen): Ribera del Duero for red wines, Rueda for white wines, and Cigales for rosés, make it one of the leading provinces in the wine sector, offering a veritable cascade of taste, color, and smell to adorn the finest dishes.

If you are interested in the world of wine, you should take a trip to some of the wineries or the Peñafiel wine museum.

Routes and hiking

If you are into nature, Valladolid will make sure you don’t get bored even for a minute. The province boasts magnificent natural landscapes offering surprising variety. The wide open crop plains of Tierra de Campos, the Pine Forests, the banks of the River Duero, or the waterways of the Castilla Canal are all perfect for hiking.

For further information on hiking routes, visit the webpage of the Valladolid Provincial Council Diputación de Valladolid.

(Valladolid Provincial Council).

If you are keen on mountains, you can also join these clubs: Sermar, Annapurna, or the university mountain climbing group – GUM

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