The Language Centre organizes guided tours and cultural trips around the city’s most emblematic museums and buildings.

→ Our College of Saint Gregory National Museum. One of Spain’s leading museums thanks to its collection of sculpture and the beauty of the 15th century building where it is housed.

→ Patio Herreriano Contemporary Art Museum. Housing an important collection of works by artists and showing art trends since the early 20th century.

→ José Zorrilla House Museum. The house in which José Zorrilla was born conserves a number of items from the Romantic period as well as some of the poet and playwright’s personal belongings.      

→ Columbus’s House Museum. The museum takes you through the life of Christopher Columbus by looking at the various places he was connected with during his lifetime.  

→ Bullfighting Museum. This offers you a look into the world of bullfighting through pictures and visual scenery.

Temporary exhibitions

Visits will be made to a number of exhibition halls which will be staging a wide range of temporary exhibitions and displays of artistic creation throughout the year.

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