Clases 3 - Cursos de español 2016The Language Centre organizes a number of activities aimed at consolidating the knowledge acquired in class by offering students a range of opportunities to practice. The cultural meetings and workshops make learning the language both easier and more enjoyable.

All our activities are open to our students and are free of charge.

4 x 4 conversation exchange

If you want to meet new people, this is the activity you’re looking for. The aim is to put foreign students and Spanish students in touch. Participants chat alternatively in Spanish and English. It’s a great way to practice the language and have fun at the same time.

Cinema workshop

Get to know the best films Spanish cinema has to offer. Teachers offer a range of activities designed to make understanding the film easier, more dynamic, and participative.

Listening to music

You can expand your Spanish vocabulary and learn new grammatical structures of spoken Spanish through song lyrics. You can also get to know traditional Spanish musical styles as well as the latest musical trends in pop latino.

Flamenco Workshop

An audiovisual and interactive approach to understanding the history of flamenco and various styles as well as its leading exponents.

History Documentaries

Get to know the history of Spain through a superb selection of documentaries that will help you understand the seminal episodes in the country’s history.

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