The techniques applied in the classroom are based on the communicative approach, both in its notional-functional dimension as well as in the methodological aspect of the action based approach (task based approach).

When applying this method, students are considered in their three main areas: as social agents who learn a language as a means of communication that will enable them to engage in communicative interaction, as intercultural speakers which allows them to assimilate aspects of the new culture in an integrated manner, and as independent learners who are central to their own life-long learning.

These three dimensions are reflected in the way teaching is conducted in the classroom, where incorporated into the learning process are materials and resources from all levels of linguistic analysis (phonic, morphosyntactic, lexical and pragmatic), as well as cultural and recreational aspects that enable the full range of skills of comprehension and oral and written production, interaction and mediation to be integrated.

Teaching staff

The University of Valladolid Language Centre has a staff of between eight and ten teachers, depending on the particular organisational needs of the classes and the time of year. All of the teaching staff are university teachers, hold a degree and have extensive experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

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