The River Lobos Canyon is a protected natural park located in the east of the region of Castilla y León, covering an area of 9,580 hectares spanning part of the provinces of Burgos and Soria. The area’s main attraction is a deep and narrow valley formed by the river Lobos (wolves), which runs for some 25 km.

This natural park contains many hiking trails, which are accessible to most walkers and which give you the chance to enjoy the landscape and the many odd rock shapes and formations such as the caves and chasms found in the canyon. One of these trails is the one we will be following on our trip.


In the morning, once the group has reached the carpark located at Ucero, the students and teachers will be taking one of the main hiking trails that follow the course of the river Lobos. During the walk, the teachers will be explaining the most salient features related to the nature and the human occupation of the area. This walk of about 3 km will take you to a place known as Colmenar de los Frailes (the Monks’ Beehive) from where the group will head back to the hermitage of Saint Bartholomew. Students will have free time to explore the area and visit the caves or climb up to the moorland. Later, in the afternoon, the group will be returning to the coaches to head up to the Galiana viewpoint to finish off the trip by enjoying some beautiful panoramic views.


During the trip on foot students will be able to see:

The Surrounding Flora: at the bottom of the valley stands the typical riverside forest which is home to black poplars, willows, and oak trees. The higher areas, on the limestone moorlands, abound in clusters of savin juniper shrubs (Juniperus thurifera) together with one of the largest expanses of European black pine forests (Pinus nigra) in the western Iberian Peninsula.

Wildlife: there are many varieties of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish …, prominent amongst which are the birds of prey, particularly the griffon vultures constantly circling over the canyon.

Hermitage of Saint Bartholomew: this small 13th century Romanesque church was built by the Templars and formed part of a monastery which today no longer stands. Shrouded in mystery and symbolism, at the hermitage we can see the strange decoration of its façade and inner capitals.

The Galiana viewpoint: of the various viewpoints dotted along the canyon, this is the most well-known and frequently visited. It is located in the town of Ucero in the province of Soria and affords breathtaking panoramic views of the canyon and Castilian plateau.

Turismo de Soria – El cañón del Río Lobos

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