Segovia is one of the cities in Castilla y León to have been designated as World Heritage Cities. It is home to one of the most spectacular monuments from the Roman era: the Aqueduct.

 Yet, the city boasts many other places of interest:

  • Cathedral: Known as the “Lady of Cathedrals”, it was built between 1525 and 1577 to replace a Romanesque church that was laid to ruin during the “War of the Communities”. Together with the new cathedral at Salamanca, it is one of the final examples of Spanish late Gothic architecture.
  • Jewish quarter: located to the south of the walled area, the Jewish area preserves intact its original layout. In addition to pleasant strolls through its streets, it also offers a wide variety of cultural activities to enjoy this part of the city of Segovia.
  • Episcopal Palace: added to its architectural importance as a renaissance style building, also worthy of note is a small museum located inside, with artefacts from the Royal Glass Factory at the La Granja, as well as by the Zuloaga family of ceramicists and others of Diocesan art.
  • Antonio Machado House Museum: the old boarding house where the poet lived during his time as a teacher in the city.
  • Esteban Vicente Museum, devoted to the work of the artist who was born in Segovia, and the only Spanish member of the first generation of the New York School of American Abstract Expressionism.
  • Alcázar: the castle, which looks like a palace straight out of a fairly tale, was the former residence of the kings and queens of Castile. It holds a number of rooms containing coffered ceilings, furniture, tapestries, paintings, and so on. The top of the Tower of John II affords a magnificent view of the city.


In the morning, the trip begins with a walk in which the teachers will be giving explanations. Later, at lunchtime, there is free time to visit other places of interest. Segovia is a city full of churches and ancient monuments, and a pleasant walk may be had around any of the streets in its historical city centre.

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