Spanish for healthcare

This is a course designed for professionals in the healthcare field of level B1 and upwards who need to acquire the communicative skills to function in the health sector. Teaching and learning will take place both in classrooms at the Language Center and in more practical classroom situations at the Faculty of Nursing in the University of Valladolid.

Classroom activities will involve working with actual situations, adopting a communicative approach and a task-oriented methodology, setting out real-life and actual healthcare scenarios.

Particular attention will be paid to learning specific health-related terminology in real practical contexts, focusing special attention on cultural aspects. Work will be done on practicing the four oral and written expression and compression skills.

Participants will be given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with practical healthcare situations in the Spanish healthcare system, involving close-hand observations in specially prepared rooms.

This program will be complemented by socio-cultural activities and trips outside of the normal class schedule and included in the cost of the course).


Duration: The full course lasts four weeks (80 hours) – A three week course is also avalaible (60 hours)

Schedule: 4 hours of lessons/day (20 hours/week) Monday to Friday.

Levels:  B1(Intermediate), B2 (Avanced)

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