Dates:  29/July/2020   

Duration:  four weeks

Schedule: 4 hours lessons/day (20 hours/week) from Monday to Friday.

Levels: A1 (Beginner), A2 (Pre-Intermediate), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Advanced), C1 (Advanced High)

Description of the course

If you want to make the most of the summer to learn Spanish, these courses give you the opportunity to do so in a university environment. The lessons offer you the chance to practice grammar, comprehension, oral expression and interaction, reading and writing. The syllabus also includes lessons on culture in which you can get to know the various aspects of Spanish society as well as its customs and traditions.

On the first day of the course, students take a written placement test (lasting one hour) and are given an orientation session, which includes a guided tour of the city.

You can also supplement your learning by taking part in optional socio-cultural activities and by going on trips (outside of teaching hours, and included in the course fees).


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In the following links you can access the syllabus of each level:

Level A1 (80 hours)

Level A2 (80 hours)

Level B1.1 (80 hours)

Level  B1.2 (80 hours)

Level B2.1 (80 hours)

Level B2.2 (80 hours)

Level C1 (80 hours)

→ Classes last 60 minutes.


Price: 810 Euros 

This price incluedes
  • Inscription
  • Tuition
  • Full day trips on Saturdays
  • Cultural activities and workshops at the Language Center
  • Cultural visits to museums
  • Student card
  • Free Wi-Fi access in the campus facilities
  • Certificate of assistance
  • Closing ceremony 

Assessment and certificate: At the end of the course, students are awarded a certificate of attendance. In order to be awarded the certificate, students must attend at least 80% of the lessons. In addition, students who sit and pass the final examinations will also be awarded a certificate of attainment listing the marks and grades obtained in each subject.


Accommodation dates:  From June 25 to July 25, 2020



If you require any further information, get in touch with us

General Terms and Conditions

Quick look

Start dates

29 Jun 2020

Other optional dates


Duration and price

4 weeks - 810.0 €

Hours per week



A1 (Beginner)
A2 (Pre-Intermediate)
B1 (Intermediate)
B2 (Advanced)