Dates: From 13 to 24 July 2020

 Duration: 2 weeks.  40 hours (+ 10 hour final assignment*)

    * The final assignment is only for students who wish to apply for credits.

 Schedule: 20 hours/week, from Monday to Friday preferably in the morning.

Description of the course

The course is aimed at teachers of Spanish who have some experience and who are keen to further their knowledge of how to teach Spanish, as well as the analysis of the use of the language, and the acquisition and renewal of teaching resources for the class.

The aim of the seminars is to develop teaching competence in the language classroom (specifically with regard to teaching-learning Spanish). The goal is to provide teachers with teaching content for the proper planning of their lessons and to offer them new material resources for their classes in Spanish as a foreign language.

  •     History, literature and culture in the teaching/learning process of ELE
  •     Group dynamics aimed at children and adolescents
  •     Colloquial Spanish
  •     Error analysis
  •     Motivational variety in the teaching/learning of ELE


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The course program includes an orientation session about the city, the university and the language center, with instructions and useful tips for the students' stay in Valladolid. It also includes a guided tour of the city with teachers from the language center (3 hours).

  • The teaching of history and culture in Spanish as a foreign language classes Includes a culture course and a flamenco workshop.  8 hours.
  • Teaching literature through film in the Spanish as a foreign language class. 4 hours.
  • Development of oral and written skills in learning Spanish as a foreign language. 7 hours.
  • Colloquial Spanish: how to teach the colloquial register in the Spanish as a foreign language class. 4 hours.
  • Motivational variation in the teaching of ELE. 4 hours.
  • Correction of errors in the teaching/learning of ELE. 4 hours.
  • The teaching of phraseology in Spanish class. 4 hours.
  • Presentation of teaching materials for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. 2 h


*Depending on the number of participants and the Center availability, class observation in the advanced level groups will be offered.

→ Lessons last for 60 minutes

Price: 385 €

This price includes:

  • Lessons
  • One full-day trip
  • Cultural visits to museums
  • Student card
  • Wi-Fi service on the campus facilities
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Closing ceremony and Spanish aperitif on the last day of the course


Assessment and certificates: Students will be awarded a certificate of attendance when the course finishes. In order to obtain the certificate issued by the University of Valladolid or for recognition of credits, students are required to attend at least 85% of the lessons (34 hours).

ECTS credits (University of Valladolid): 2 ECTS credits.

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Quick look

Start dates

13 Jul 2020

Other optional dates


Duration and price

2 weeks - 385.0 €

Hours per week



B2 (Advanced)